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Civil War Round Table of Kansas City
Steve Treaster Civil War Preservation Award

The Civil War Preservation Award was established in 2001. Criteria used to decide which individual(s) or groups (organization, company, etc.) will receive this award is as follows:

  1. Recipient(s) must be a member of the Round Table or their work must clearly contribute to the same goals of the Civil War Round Table of Kansas City.
  2. A substantial effort of time, talent, and money must be contributed to the goals of the Civil War Round Table of Kansas City and/or the Monnet Battle of Westport Fund, Inc.
  3. The contributions must relate to the future preservation of Civil War history, historical sites, or military history or the history of the organization.
  4. Preservation of ground, artifacts, books and materials, accouterments, buildings, weaponry, clothing, speech, likeness, etc. must be toward a permanent goal.

In January 2002, past president of the Round Table, Steve Treaster was presented the first Civil War Preservation Award. Steve had been a leader in preservation efforts. In February 2002, the name of the award was changed to the Steve Treaster Civil War Preservation Award. The most recent recipient of the award was Daniel L. Smith, following after Jack Brooks, Orvis Fitts, and Arnold Schofield in 2012.

Past Recipients

  • 2016

Daniel L. Smith

  • 2012

Col. Jack Brooks

Lt. Com. Ret. Orvis Fitts

Arnold Schofield

  • 2004

Dr. John Spencer

  • 2002

Steve Treaster

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