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Civil War Round Table of Kansas City

October 2017

At our dinner meeting on October 24th, Dr. Kyle S. Sinisi gave an excellent presentation titled: "The Aftermath of the Price Expedition of 1864." The following is a brief summary of Dr. Sinisi's presentation from his book The Last Hurrah:

"Sterling Price's arrival at Laynesport [AR] did not close the story of the campaign. There was a great deal of unfinished business. Hundreds of Confederate Missourians, long isolated from Price's main body, moved south trying desperately to find and join Price's army. Moving in the opposite direction, worn-out Union troops made a barbarous return march to Kansas and Missouri. Even as these actions took place, over one thousand captured Confederates experienced retribution and a threat of death unlike anything they had seen on the battlefield. And finally, the end of the campaign gave soldiers on both sides the opportunity to engage in bitter public disputes about who either deserved the glory of victory or the responsibility of defeat. Price, himself, would have to face his oldest and most ardent critic [Missouri Governor Thomas C. Reynolds], and in so doing it would bring into the open so many of the controversies associated with the expedition and its historical memory."

Our treasurer, Susan Keipp, reported that she turned in a total of 80 reservations for the October dinner meeting. That is the largest attendance that we have had in several years. Round Table members Bud and Carol Price brought eight members of the Price family, who are descendants of Confederate General Sterling Price.

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