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Civil War Round Table of Kansas City

May 2022 Meeting

Dr. Christian McWhirter, Lincoln Historian at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Museum, was our speaker at the Round Table dinner meeting on May 18th. The title of his program was: "Who Freed the Slaves?"

For generations Abraham Lincoln has been heralded as the “Great Emancipator.” But for just as long, debates have raged over how exactly the institution of slavery ended in America and who delivered the killing blow. Dr. McWhirter discussed the competing points of view on emancipation and Lincoln’s actions in the broader context of the American Civil War and antislavery movement.

Arnold Schofield said Dr. McWhirter was a good speaker and gave a very interesting program. From the Southern viewpoint, Dr. McWhirter presented their rationale in defense of slavery. He also said that Lincoln changed his views regarding slavery during the Civil War.

The May dinner meeting was very well attended (57 people) and the audience was very involved during the question and answer period. Dr. McWhirter said he enjoyed speaking to our Round Table.

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