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Civil War Round Table of Kansas City

June 2016

There is a general the truly does not get credit

for a battle he won, though many did not forget it.

General Rosecrans was the name of the man

who tried his best to follow a Union winning plan.

A convert to Catholicism he did then explore

His role to bring freedom to slaves during the war.

Fifth in his class from a place called Westpoint.

There weren't many smarter than him in that joint.

He designed an ambulance to help those that were hurt,

so that those who fought bravely might not die in the dirt.

He gave kind words to the soldiers that fought.

Loud cheers came his way, as they disliked him not.

In 2013 he finally got a statue in Ohio,

so of his dedication many would know.

So much so many gave during that war,

leaving us plenty of history for our lives to explore.

June 28, 2016:  David G. Moore spoke about Union General William S. Rosecrans.  Mr. Moore’s book titled:  William S. Rosecrans and the Union Victory was published in 2014.  He has spoken at several Civil War Round Tables and Civil War battlefields and museums.

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