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Civil War Round Table of Kansas City

July 2021 Meeting Recap

At our Civil War Round Table dinner meeting held on July 27, 2021, Mr. Ron Coddington gave a very interesting PowerPoint presentation titled: "A History of Civil War Portrait Photography." He discussed Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, Tintype, and Cartes Des Visite photographs. Attendance at our meeting was 58.

Mr. Coddington became the editor and publisher of the magazine Military Images in 2013. Importantly, he changed Military Images from black and white to full color and expanded the magazine from 48 pages to 80 pages. It is not just photographic images but "feature" stories that give life to the images, telling about them and the history of that time. Regular columns include: The Honored Few - Medal of Honor Recipients; Antebellum Warriors - Mexican War, Regular & Militias; Most Hollowed Ground - Portraits and Stories of Those Who Rest at Arlington National Cemetery, and The Citizenry - Images of the Civil War Generation. Subscriptions cost $24.95 for one year (4 issues).

Mr. Coddington was very kind to donate five of his Civil War portrait photography books to the Round Table. These books retail for $29.95 each

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