Civil War Round Table of Kansas City

The Du Pont family that came over from France

escaped revolution and joined the U.S. dance.

The first one born in America in 1803

was named Samuel Francis who married Sophie, his cousin, in 1833.

He served on 12 ships in 30 years,
surviving many a challenge and facing his fears.

Seized Mexican prize money helped him establish his wealth

way before diabetes and asthma started spoiling his health.

25 total years out at sea
sounds like quite a bit of time if you ask me.

He was given command of the Philadelphia naval yard.

In 1860 it was a job more than hard.

All of his Southern officers stayed on board.

With the war breaking out this was something unheard.

The Southern blockade he planned from start to finish

displaying patriotic dedication that was always replenished.

September 27, 2016:  Col. Kevin Weddle, PhD (Professor of Military Theory and Strategy at the US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks PA) spoke about his biography on Union Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont titled:  Lincoln’s Tragic Admiral:  the Life of Samuel Francis Du Pont.  

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