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Civil War Round Table of Kansas City

David G. Moore Bio

At the Civil War Round Table dinner meeting on June 28, 2016, David G. Moore will discuss his new book titled: William S. Rosecrans and the Union Victory, the first biography of Union General William S. Rosecrans in more than 50 years.

Mr. Moore will discuss the military successes and important results garnered by General Rosecrans, that helped lead to Union victory in the Civil War. General Rosecrans won the first major campaign of the Civil War in West Virginia in 1861; achieved victories in northeastern Mississippi, making possible the success of the Vicksburg campaign; led two successful campaigns in Tennessee; fought at the Battle of Chickamauga; and finally led the successful defense of Missouri from Confederate invasion in 1864. Mr. Moore will explain how, despite these achievements, Rosecrans would be removed from command four times and how politics played a role in these changes throughout the war.

General Rosecrans championed advances in medical care, transportation, and cartography. As a soldier, he was affectionately known as “Old Rosey.” Rosecrans later served as U.S. Minister to Mexico and as a congressman in California.

Mr. Moore has been a histoiy guide for over 35 years and lives in Washington DC. He has spoken at Civil War Round Tables in Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Washington. Mr. Moore has also spoken at the Stones River and Chickamauga Battlefields and at museums in Virginia and Wisconsin.

The following is the book's description on the Amazon website:

This is the first biography of Union General William S. Rosecrans in more than fifty years. It tells the story of his military successes and the important results that led to the Union victory in the Civil War: winning the first major campaign of the war in West Virginia in 1861; victories in northeastern Mississippi that made the Vicksburg Campaign possible; gaining the victory without which Abraham Lincoln said the “nation could scarcely have lived over”; conducting two brilliant campaigns in Tennessee and fighting the battle of Chickamauga (giving permanent possession of Chattanooga to the federals); defending Missouri from an invasion in 1864. The book also attempts to explain why Rosecrans was removed four times despite his military successes and examines the important part politics played in the war. Additionally it reveals a man who promoted many advances in medical care, transportation and cartography; a man interested in engineering as well as theology.

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