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Civil War Round Table of Kansas City
The mission of the Civil War Round Table of Kansas City is to promote historical, educational, literary, and preservation activities related to the Civil War.

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the CWRT dinner meetings for the remainder of 2020 have been canceled. Our monthly dinner meetings will resume when it is safe to do so.

We hope to finalize the plans for our next meeting of members in the coming weeks. We are considering an in-person meeting in January, with no meal, seated lecture-style, with appropriate social distancing, or a virtual meeting via Zoom.

A Message from the President of Our Civil War Round Table

October 10, 2020

To All Members of the Civil War Round Table of Kansas City:

It is superfluous to say that we are experiencing extraordinary times. We cannot say with any certainty when our next physical meeting may take place. Your Executive Committee met recently to discuss this and other pressing matters. In the absence of a physical meeting, the need to revise the by-laws to accommodate a virtual gathering became apparent, especially as it pertains to the election of officers for 2021.

Given that we have not met since February, and are not meeting for the remainder of this year, the Committee voted to recommend to the membership that the current officers retain their positions for another year. Exceptions to this group are:

  • The addition of Gary Nevius as 2nd Vice President, replacing Suzee Oberg, who will remain on the Executive Committee in an advisory capacity with full voting rights.
  • Addition of the position of Assistant Treasurer, to be filled by Marlene Natoli.

This new position is detailed in the revised by-laws adopted by the Executive Committee, along with a new committee-appointed position of Book Sales Coordinator. The revised by-laws are also attached to this newsletter and will be voted upon by the membership in November, along with the officers for 2021. For your convenience, the changes to the by-laws have been highlighted in yellow.

So, the slate of officers recommended by the Executive Committee for approval by the membership by electronic vote in November are:

  • President: Dan Dooley
  • 1st Vice President: Father Dave Holloway
  • 2nd Vice President: Gary Nevius
  • Treasurer: Susan Keipp
  • Assistant Treasurer: Marlene Natol
  • Secretary: Judy Smith
  • Director of Preservation: Arnold Schofield

Over the next month, you have an opportunity to offer other candidates to these positions. You can do so by emailing them to the Secretary, Judy Smith (refer to newsletter for email address). Any nominations from the membership will be included in the final ballot procedure. An email will be sent out in November asking you to accept the slate as nominated, or accept as nominated with exception(s) noted. Exceptions will be from the list, if any, of candidates nominated by the membership over the next month. The by-laws will also be voted on, using an up-or-down vote by the membership.

We hope to finalize the plans for our next meeting of members in the coming weeks. We are considering an in-person meeting in January, with no meal, seated lecture-style with appropriate social distancing, or a virtual meeting via Zoom. Your input regarding options is welcomed. You may submit your thoughts to me, Dan Dooley (refer to newsletter for email address). An announcement will come in due time.

We are as frustrated as you with the current situation. Our goal is to offer a safe, reasonable way to meet and allow you, our members, to again participate in an educational and entertaining discussion of the events and individuals significant to the American Civil War, its causes, activities, and effects. We look forward to meeting again and hope you will continue to support our organization.


Dan Dooley


Member News

Dr. Elliott Schimmel, one of our new members, has published a book titled: The Center Could Not Hold: Congressman William H. English and His Antebellum Political Times.

William Hayden English of Indiana, congressman from 1853-1861, ended his official political career (excepting one failed run for Vice-President in 1880) one and a half months before the attack on Fort Sumter. Though his name may not be as well known as other antebellum historical figures, he actively and influentially participated in all the major political events (most notably the Kansas Lecompton fiasco) of the great drama that culminated in the most devastating war in American History.

While this book is specifically a close analysis of one antebellum politician, it also serves as a comprehensive study by which the reader may examine not only the perspective and struggles of a single congressman, but also the contextual political environment that surrounded America’s descent into the great tragedy of the Civil War.

Dr. Schimmel was bom on Long Island and received his PhD from Florida State University in 1986. Since then he has been teaching history at Longview Community College, just outside Kansas City - a position he took largely because of the college’s proximity to a major league baseball team.

Battlefield Dispatches

"Battlefield Dispatches" made its first appearance in the Border Bugle with the December 2005 issue. The column was later given the label, "The Sergeant Major’s Roar." Over time, the Round Table's Website Administrator will be slowly all the "Battlefield Dispatches" which have appeared in the Border Bugle. The website administrator will enhance Sgt. Maj. Arnold Schofield's column with images where applicable. Just click on the menu item, Sgt. Major's Roar, to see the progress.

Articles from Border Bugles Past

Here are a couple of articles from Border Bugles long, long ago. All articles are located in the website's Article Archive.

In 2009, Round Table President Howard Mann published a series of articles in the Border Bugle he called "True Tales of the Tenth Kansas Infantry, The Joys of Jayhawking: Words from the Perpetrator's Mouths." We have added this to the website's Article Archives.

In 2005, Round Table Past President Orvis N. Fitts published a series of articles in the Border Bugle he called "The Untold Story." It's the story of how the Mine Creek Battlefield State Historic Site came to be owned and interpreted with a visitor center by the Kansas State Historical Society. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate Part 3 of this story. Parts 1 and 2 appeared in the April 2005 issue of the Border Bugle; part 4 appeared in the September 2005 issue; and part 5 appeared in the October issue.

All Meetings Canceled for Remainder of 2020

Our dinner meetings for the remainder of this year have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Round Table President Dan Dooley is offering a free dinner to each of our members the next time you are able to attend a CWRT dinner meeting in 2021. 

In the meantime, please stay safe.

October 2020 Meeting Cancelled

Ms. Judy Cook was scheduled to give a program dressed in period attire titled: "Life on the Home Front." Judy is an author and folk musician, who performs Civil War era songs and shares excerpts from her book: A Quiet Corner of the War: The Civil War Letters of Gilbert and Esther Claflin, Oconomowoc WI, 1862-1863, featuring letters written by her great-great-grandparents.

Judy said she and her husband Dennis are happily isolating in their retirement community, where many of their residents are at high risk.

Dr. Ethan Rafuse Receives Harry S. Truman Award

Dan Dooley presents the Harry S. Truman Award to Dr. Ethan Rafuse.

In Memoriam

Remembering Bud Price

Civil War Round Table of Kansas City member, Edward Cramer "Bud" Price II passed away on June 30th.  Bud and his wife Carol joined the Round Table in 2015 and have been loyal members ever since.  Bud and Carol brought several members of their family to our dinner meeting in October of 2017, to hear Kyle Sinisi speak about their ancestor, Confederate General Sterling Price and his Missouri Expedition of 1864. Please keep Carol and her family in your prayers.  Here's a link to Bud's obituary at the Mt. Moriah, Newcomer and Freeman Funeral Home.

Susan Keipp sent a contribution to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City, in memory of member Bud Price. Susan received the following thank you letter from the Boys and Girls Club:

Dear Susan and members of the Civil War Round Table of Kansas City:

Thank you for your generous gift in memory of Bud. Your support fuels our ongoing and expanding work in the metro, particularly as we adjust our services to fill gaps during this pandemic.

Bud was a great friend to the Clubs and one of my favorite people to chat with. He always could bring a smile to my face. We are grateful for you!


Molly Groebe, Director of Philanthropy

We are pleased to announce that the Civil War Round Table of Kansas City has joined the Amazon Associates program. On our website we will provide links to, primarily for books of interest to our membership. If you click this link and make a qualifying purchase on, the Round Table will receive a small advertising fee. This fee does not increase the cost of your purchase. Thank you for supporting the Civil War Round Table by clicking these links.

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