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Civil War Round Table of Kansas City

Battlefield Dispatches

"Battlefield Dispatches" made its first appearance in the Border Bugle with the December 2005 issue. The column was later given the label, "The Sergeant Major’s Roar." Jump to the list of issues.

This was Sgt. Maj. Arnold Schofield's introductory paragraph back in 2005.

This is the first appearance of “Battlefield Dispatches” which is a new addition to the “Bugle Call”. It will be submitted on an irregular basis by and is NOT a figment of the imagination of the undersigned who is the “Gray Bearded Curmudgeon” currently stationed at and responsible for the Mine Creek Battlefield and Marais des Cygnes Massacre which are Kansas State Historic Sites. All incidents described in this colmnn will be documented as to the location of the original material and the contemporary location of same. If you wish to throw “darts”, discharge “bullets” or direct “artillery fire” towards the author or have any questions, please feel free to do so. However, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT contact the editor of the “Border Bugle.” A periodic attempt will be made to answer any questions and beware of “In Coming, Counter Battery Fire”!

Note from Website Administrator: I will be slowly adding all the "Battlefield Dispatches" which have appeared in the Border Bugle. I will enhance Arnold Schofield's column with images where possible.

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